For dinner Matt Moran’s delicate touch comes to life in this a la carte menu that remains true to his ethos of seasonal ingredients, cooked perfectly to create elegant, balanced dishes.


Kingfish, sea urchin, parsley, kohlrabi

Gold beetroot, sesame cheese, pear, witlof

*Spanner crab, black rice, avocado, wasabi leaf

Wagyu bresaola, parmesan, fried bread

*Smoked pork, turnip, mustard

*Roast duck, carrot, orange, wood ear mushroom

*Plum, gingerbread, yoghurt

four course 135/ with matching wine 190
seven course 185/ with matching wine 270
with premium matching wine 350

*denotes four course menu items



Sydney rock oysters, shallot, aged red wine vinegar      5 each

Gold beetroot, sesame cheese, pear, witlof                         33

Spanner crab, black rice, avocado, wasabi leaf                   38 

Scallop, blue mackerel, soy bean, miso butter                    38

King prawn, smoked potato, caviar, buttermilk                  37

Kingfish, sea urchin, parsley, kolrabi                                38

Smoked pork, turnip, mustard                                           38

Venison, lardo, chestnut, apple                                         36


Halloumi, mushroom, lemon, kale                                     49

Blue-Eye Trevalla, clams, parsnip, black pepper                  55

Snapper, lettuce, kombu, asparagus                                   55

Roast duck, carrot, orange, wood ear mushroom                 56

Roast lamb, zucchini, olive, ajvar                                     57


Selection from the grill

Rump cap, Rangers Valley | grain-fed | 250g                      52

Sirloin on the bone, Dry Aged, O’Connor | grass-fed | 300g 54

Fillet, Cape Byron | grain-fed | 250g                                 56

Rib eye, Rangers Valley | grain-fed | 900g recommended for two to share                                                                  110

Served with a selection of condiments: béarnaise, harissa, mustards or horseradish



Mixed leaf salad                                                               9

Royal blue mash potato                                                   12

Steamed greens                                                               12

Hand cut chips                                                                10



Melon and lemon verbena                                                23

Sweet potato, maple ice cream , walnuts                           24

Plum, gingerbread, yoghurt                                              23

Banana and butterscotch soufflé                                       25

Chocolate parfait, malt curds, sherry                                 25

Selection of artisanal cheese                                            29

Seasonal Tasting Menu
Dinner Menu